Savoir Vivre is a young hospitality group set
against the vibrant backdrop of Paris.
We do restaurants, pizzerias and bars on account of our love for
good food, good wine, good music and killer dance moves.

We’re not about being trendy, abiding by
overused labels or creating fancy new descriptions.
We simply do things committed to foster
an environment of happiness, respect and love:
for our guests, our employees, our neighbors, our vendors,
partners and our beautiful planet.

We think being kind, respectful and polite is always
the key to success, along with offering the utmost quality
in the simplest way and always staying true to our vision and values.
Also on the list, having loads of fun.

It was launched by Arnaud Lacombe in 2016.
The energy of a bunch of good, smart and hard-working people
makes it more interesting everyday. Pets are always welcome.